Our church currently supports nine missionary families serving in various places around the world, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every October, our church holds a weekend missions conference to hear from different missionaries. Also, we seek to send a team on a short term missions trip to another culture at least every other year.  

Missionaries we support:

  • Dr. Samuel Stephens in India

    The Wichita India Project (WIP) is a strategic plan involving a number of area churches to saturate the unreached Visianagaram people in the region of southern India with the Gospel.  In conjunction with the India Gospel League, this plan supports Dr. Samuel Stephens and involves evangelism, church planting, church building, and pastoral training so that the 300,000 inhabitants of this region can know Christ.  Your Faith Promise gifts have been a part of this project since 1997.   www.iglworld.org  

  • James BiakLian in Myanmar (formerly Burma)

    James BiakLian & wife Sui have been working in Myanmar since 1992.  They are working in a very hostile political world.  They continue to teach & train pastors in their native language, as well as pastor a church and lead a fellowship of over 30 other churches across the country.  They have rebuilt after a fire and helped after floods, and  continue to teach and train workers for our Lord.  You may e-mail them at jblian143@gmail.com

  • Peter Mitskevich in Russia

    Peter Mitskevich and his family of 5 serve in Moscow.  A native of Russia, Peter is now the president (Rector) of Moscow Theological Institute.  Besides training in the theological school, Peter is Vice President of the Russian Baptist Association.  Peter has also been serving as the senior pastor at Golgatha Baptist Church in Moscow since 1997.  Your Faith Promise Missions gifts have been working through Peter’s ministry since 1992.  Their website is very nice and has short videos of Peter.  They especially need our prayers, as the Russian government has made things more difficult for Christians.  See him at:  www.russianleadership.org

  • Chuck & Helen Todd with World Missions Alliance

    WMA Focuses on Evangelizing and distributing Bibles in the most hostile of countries: Nepal, Northern Iraq, Egypt, China and Russia and entering new countries in Europe and Africa.  They are now also beginning to provide medical clinics.  We have supported them since 2008. Visit@rfwma.org

  • Ramesh Richard working worldwide

    Ramesh Richard and his ministry RREACH, Int. have a unique opportunity to serve the Lord on a truly global scale. By looking for key places to minister, RREACH has the vision of making a global impact through taking advantage of strategic opportunities.  These opportunities have included giving Bible study aids and training seminars to third-world pastors, sponsoring key evangelical students so they can study and prepare for ministry, spread the Gospel via a worldwide TV broadcast, and provide buildings in third world countries so the Gospel can be proclaimed.  Your Faith Promise Missions gifts have been at work through the ministry of RREACH since 1989.  Only 5% of the world’s Christian pastors have seminary training, so RREACH ministry provides a very needed service to 3rd world pastors.  info@rreach.org

  • Children's Haven International in Mexico

    Childrens Haven International (CHI) in Reynosa Mexico provides a home to needy children from broken, abandoned, abused, or impoverished children. We have provided financial support and 3 short term mission outreaches to these kids and CHI. Consider going on the next trip! Talk to any who have gone and find out more. Your Faith Promise Missions gifts have been helping CHI since 2014.  childrenshaven.org


  • Barry & Karla Hannant in Texas

    Barry and Karla Hannant are serving with the Immigrant Mission and EFCA ReachNational. Their ministry has led them to Texas. They have many active roles in the ministry individually, but together they serve in a church planting role with Spanish-speaking church plants. 

  • Trinity Video Seminary

    This seminary is housed in Russia and is video based, training mostly third world pastors in the truths of God's Word through professors at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (EFCA) having their video taped classes translated into seven different languages. There are currently over 4,000 students worldwide with tutors to assist the students. The leader of the seminary is Vitaly Petrov. The U.S. seminary representative is Peggy Valentine. We began supporting TV's in 2019.

  • Warner and Grace Richardson

    Warner and Grace Richardson and their 4 children are serving with Radius International in Tijuana, Mexico, which is a missions training center to equip those going to unreached people groups.  Warner serves in both maintenance and teaching.  We just began supporting the Rchardsons with their arrival at Radius in August, 2021.


  • Leinier and Carla Casanueva in Cuba

    Leinier and Carla Casanueva are helping lead Awana clubs acorss the country and also training parents and churches to train their children in Scripture to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  We have been supporting the Casanuevas since the beginning of 2021.  


  • Greg Williams in Israel

    Greg Williams is serving in Tel Aviv, Israel with Jews for Jesus.  He is making a difference in a very mixed culture, working in the Behold Your God Campaign by Jews for Jesus in various places around the world to reach Jews for Christ. The Jews for Jesus website is very informative.  We have supported this ministry since 2009.  You can encourage and reach Greg at greg.williams@jewsforjesus.org