Faith at Home

Our Church is very excited to partner with Faith@Home ministries. This ministry encompasses every age level and really encourages us to take our faith home and apply it. A neat perk of partnering with this ministry is that you now have an opportunity to receive weekly and monthly encouragements through their website. We encourage you to sign up for updates on the linked page on whichever ministry you believe fits your interest best. More parenting blogs from Faith @ Home are listed at this website: THIS LINK. 

Locally at CBF we have a Faith @ Home Resource center with brochures, books and ideas. Be sure to click on any brochure that interests you. 

Brochures from the the Resource Center: 

Parent/child Dedication: Ages 0-2 Brochure #1

Blessing/Prayer : Ages 2-3 Brochure #2

Family Time: Ages 4+ Brochure #3

Bible: Age 7 Brochure #4

Decision for Jesus: All Ages Brochure #5

Baptism: All Ages Brochure #6

Worship: Age 8 Brochure #7

"Priorities" Loving God, Loving Others: Age 9 Brochure #8

Purity (Mind/Body): Age 11+ Brochure #9

Becoming an Adult: Age 16 Brochure #10

Leaving the Nest: Age 18 Brochure #11

If interested in the extra credit contracts/response cards click below: Cell phone contract

Salvation Decision

Purity Contract

Purity Checklist

Praying dedication of child contract

Money Challenge

Technology Contract

Video Game Contract